Ana Iakobashvili was born in 1985 in Tbilisi. 
She grew up in an artist family. Ana is a painter and a stage designer for theater and film. She studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.
Her life in Georgia has inspired her artistic expression, guiding her thoughts and paintings:
"Inner restlessness, the desire to create something new, the attitude toward events, a philosophy that sometimes unconsciously reflects the inner state."
Her inspiration: "Everyone and everything. To find all of that within myself. If we think about it, we will find that we are all looking for spiritual peace, purity, "God," and a peace of mind," Ana says. "But the fact is that spirituality - that is, immortality - corresponds to a great energy that does not simply disappear. We human beings recognize this and still worship it - in the most diverse forms of expression.
For me, this is the unsolved truth, which will always be a reason that there is new music, paintings, art, poetry and all areas of art where people express their inner feelings about different truths/realities/circumstances. The end is always the same: the source, the great energy that moves the world around. I am a part of it."

Curator: Frank Himmel, Frankfurt am Main
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